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Our Staff

Harper Adatto

I am the program leader and a counselor. My job is to make sure things run smoothly and your kid has a great experience every day. I am in 9th grade at Lincoln High School. I have lots of work childcare experience, including -certificate from the American Red Cross in First Aid and CPR. I enjoy playing lacrosse, baking, school, and organization. My primary goal is to make sure each kids experience at HMR Summer camp is unique and makes them always want to return!

Mary Doherty 

Mary Doherty is one of our most valuable assets. She is currently in 8th grade at St. John Fisher and will attend Jesuit next year. She plays club volleyball at Athena and loves to work on group projects, learn new things, and work on art. She also has lots of experience in child care and a love for kids. Mary's primary goal at HMR Summer camp is to expand each childs creativity and help them learn to grow out of their comfort zones. 

Roman Mallard

Roman also attends SJF in the same class as Mary and plans to attend Jesuit next year as well. Roman's likes to play sports and hang out with his friends. His favorite subject in school is math The past few years of HMR Summer Camp Roman has been a huge asset and every single kid loves to hang out with him. Romans favorite part about HMR Summer Camp is all the fun activities we do that help expand kids creativity! 

Luke Sullivan

This will be Luke's second year at HMR Summer Camp, but he quickly grew to be another valuable counselor. Whether it's his hard work or determination our Camp couldnt run without him. He will go to Sunset High School next year. This year Luke is most ecxited to help coordinate special suprises for the kids. Luke's ability to balance organization and have fun is what makes him most of the kids favorite counselor! 

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