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About Us

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At HMR Summer Camp the daily schedule balances busy and fun activities with free time to enjoy with friends. Whether it’s learning a new skill or engaging in friendly competition, we offer something for everyone to enjoy. This will be the third year HMR Summer camp is happening, although we have decided to do some rebranding. We believe that in order to improve we must not only improve ourselves but the buisness we run. 

Over the years we have had a few favorite activies. We run a very organzied and scheduled day. Our main idea is that each day of our Summer Camp has a theme. Some main themes we have done have been: art day, science day, sports day, and our biggest hit yet carnival day. Some of the kids favorites have been the mad scientist, the reptile man, and the critter cabana. We love to have these fun business and people visit the kids in order to make sure they are intruiged and always learning something new. Other than hiring different event companies we also bring in different fun activites; like a dunk tank, an ice cream truck, and water slides. At HMR Summer Camp the kids love to swim and jump on the trampoline in their free time. Rest assured, although we do have scheduled days, there is also downtime to relax and laugh with other campers.

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